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Hello (I'm alive).

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Jul. 5th, 2010 | 13:35

I just never use this thing.
I never did very much in the first place.

I think I don't get off on talking, venting, or airing my grievances to the world. I'm a private person. I only talk to communicate, and have better means to do so than this.

Most anyone should know the things I've been up to, but in short (since my last posts, several months ago) :

My last living grandparent died during this past winter. No grief from me, I dealt with her departure many years ago. That side of the family is having a big memorial/internment thing this summer (couple of weeks from now). Bunch of the fam' will be down home from away.

I got a Genius tablet for christmas from my brothers. It's pretty sweet. Also, courtesy of Mr. E, is another new electronic family member -- Baby; a shiny black external HDD, close to a tera.
Related, my faithful, broken-to-shit Acer laptop, Dylan, finally kicked the bucket last month. I'll have a shiny new Dell lady in two to three weeks.

I gained a bunch of weight, unfortunately. Bad combination of probably eating too much and medications. Off the medications (which I wanted to quit anyhow) now, and I've started to lose some of it. Still a lot more to go before the autumn, though.

Still no definitive diagnosis on the health front, but I don't know that there ever will be. My GP has finally said that it's most likely "fibromyalgia or something similar", and that's probably the most I'll get out of him. I'm on medication that's supposed to help reduce pain at nerve level, but so far it's not doing anything (except making me irritable).

I spend/plan to spend half my time (six months out of the year) down in Massachusetts. I'd been down for a month in November, and was back down for three months this past winter/spring. I'll be back down again in the autumn.
There were some connections with people in the area I was supposed to make, and I totally skipped out on them -- if you're reading, I'm sorry. I try not to be a flake, but I'm nervous/antisocial, and down-right scared a lot of the time, and I just can't deal.
Adrian, I don't know what the situation will be like next time I'm down, because I still don't know when that'll be. Hopefully we can hang for a bit at some point, this time. You don't count as one of the aforementioned connections.
Ao, you better hit me up if you're ever on the east coast. I'll be around, somewhere.

I think that's the gist of everything. Two years in August, but I never do know how much of it "counts"; I've partly given up trying to give any meaning to a length of time, it seems too much like it moves differently for everyone else.

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