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Happy belated, Herr Marx.

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May. 6th, 2009 | 21:01
written to: Empire of Lights - Fortuna

Yesterday was Karl Marx's birthday.

Today, though, today, I received in the mail a free c.d. of music from Empire of Lights.

Late spring and early summer are 'good' seasons for me, in that my pain levels are considerably reduced, so I decided to counter this by inflicting some; I've been helping my father every other day in building a deck for my aunt and her husband. It wasn't too bad until I spent Monday mixing and shoveling concrete for 11 hours. Four 8' tall tapered PVC sonotubes to be filled, eleven bags to fill each one, two bags per load (mixing in a wheelbarrow with a shovel), 55lbs/25kg per bag.
It was a sweet time. Probably not as physically demanding of me as people have assumed though. I know I'm podgy and not able to do much most of the time, but it's not as though I'm lacking in muscle. It's just a matter of being able-bodied enough to use it.

Welfare. Been thinking about it an awful lot. Why do I not have more Canadians on my LJ? I can't really find any substantial information regarding it -- or not information which answers the particular questions I have. There's also the bringing it up; my father's fine with it, but my mum won't like the suggestion of it one bit, even so she's aware that I don't have any other options at present.

Finances. I've been avoiding payments like an idiot because I'm terrified and pretty low on both funds and ideas. As soon as I submit my interest relief papers to the company that now handles student loans, I'll be expected to pay out between 170$ and 190$ a month for my loan payments and mobile bill, and that's making minimum payments. I don't have enough to cover more than five, maybe 6 months of that. After that I'm. What am I supposed to do?

To help me completely ignore my plight and oncoming fatality, I've been watching older animated films:Waiting in the wings to be watched are:I'm also thinking of piratey-thieving a couple more of Bluth's works, but haven't yet. Anyway, any further suggestions for childish films along these lines are appreciated, especially if it's something I haven't seen or heard of before.

I'm an e-faggot for adorable internet pets. Awwwyeah click&grows, via Squiby.net.

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